The Preslar Family

The Preslar Family
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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Creativity Gone Wild

It all started with a little art time for Bitty. She was bored, I needed to wash the dishes, so I got out the tray of watercolors, making sure to remove her shirt so it wouldn't get painted. Viola - there was the perfect blank canvas for her. Once Stomper came in the kitchen, I knew we were on a slippery slope, but hey, we're all about free expression and creativity over here! Two of my sister's girls were here, and with their artistic touch, we just went hog wild. And then we opened up shop at the Preslar mop-n-shower.


Carrie said...

whoa, i wish you were my mom. my kids wish that you were there mom too.

ghd3 said...

"finger painting... there's fingers....putting my fingers in the water...."


Kate said...

As I watched your pictures I went from "make me smile" to "laugh out loud" to "rolling on the floor!" What a great day!