The Preslar Family

The Preslar Family
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Monday, January 28, 2008


Just a couple of funny stories -

Stomper is really on a roll as far as asking me questions. Deep, eternal questions like, "When I'm resurrected, how old will I be?" I think he just thinks about stuff like this all the time because all his conversations these days include Jesus, death and resurrection, and creation. It's all a bit over my head. On Saturday I was in a hurry, late as always, driving to a meeting at the church. Bitty was crying loudly in the back seat, my phone was ringing - friends at the church asking me to go back home and grab stuff they forgot - and through the mayhem Stomper insists on telling me his latest discovery. "Mom! Mom! I know how Jesus created dimetrodons! He got the body, screwed in the legs and head and glued on the sail!" Do YOU have any suggestions on how I'm supposed to respond to that? Especially while my other child is screaming and I'm trying to answer the phone and drive at the same time...

My other funny is all about me. Are you familiar with Jamie Oliver? British chef, has a new show called Jamie at Home, he's awesome. How can I describe his cooking style? Definitely more laid back and relaxed, very comfortable and very hands-all-over the food kind of cooking. And the food he makes is extremely ...what? Rich in flavor and variety of ingredients, he moves fast and furiously and passionately. Okay, I'll just say it. It's total food-porn for me. The way he just throws all these incredible dishes together...I can't move while I'm watching. The knitting needles in my hands come to a total standstill and a little puddle of drool forms in my lap as I'm watching. His shows are a half and hour and include several recipes but I find I have to limit myself to watching him make only one recipe a day. It's just obscene to watch more than that. Troy was a little disgusted with me last night as I shushed him while I watched Jamie make this gorgeous golden crusted pie with chunks of apple, fresh blackberries and candied ginger....he heaped a big slice of it on top of real custard and then dribbled it with the scarlet juices from the pie....oh my. I gotta go. Someone slap me and send me to weight watchers!

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Sparverius said...

I love your honesty! You make me smile.