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The Preslar Family
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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Mr. Potts

I saw this video on youtube, and I just can't get it out of my mind - I loved it so much. It's a clip from the British show "Britain's Got Talent," with the infamous Simon Cowell on the judges panel. I love this clip not only because the man, Paul Potts, can sing, but because I love watching the looks of boredom, skepticism and disdain on the judges' faces just melt away into awe and respect. It gives me the chills.

P.S. Don't you think that hot British chick should replace Paula on American Idol? I sure do.


Brent & Kate Jefferies said...

That Aria is so moving! It is even more beautiful that a completely ordinary person could get up there and just blow everyone away with it.
I think you're right about the British judge. She is great.
I am glad to see that someone else out there is an Idol fan. I find myself hiding in the closet sometimes. :-)

Misty said...

Watch the one of the little girl singing that's pictured at the end of Paul's video. She shut Simon up, too. :)

Monica said...

That was absolutely AMAZING!!!

Chelle & Chel said...

That's awesome! I've watched it several times. Very cool. Thanks for sharing that!

average american said...

Thanks for that Rach. That brightend my day.