The Preslar Family

The Preslar Family
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Thursday, January 03, 2008

A Hunter on the Move

You may remember that Stomper received a lizard for his birthday - a leopard gecko who has been named T-Rex. Well, Stomper and T-Rex don't actually interact that much, although they share a bedroom. T-Rex is nocturnal, so that makes it a little rough, plus his care and feeding pretty much need to be done by an adult. He's a fun little pet though, and I know that Stomper loves him. He holds him every three or four days and that makes him happy. What I'm surprised about is how much Troy and I are enjoying him, minus the fact that I think it costs more to feed him that it does our dog. He's just fascinating to watch. Our favorite thing is putting crickets in his cage every evening. We were surprised to learn that a gecko will shake its tail like a rattlesnake before striking. It's pretty cool. I just had a make a video and post it to either gross you out or share in the fascinating circle of life going on at our house.


Carrie said...

He kinda gives me the heebie jeebies :) ;) :) :)

Sparverius said...

I have a leopard gecko as well. Her name is Zoe. But she is a very picky eater. Won't even give crickets a second look. Used to eat meal worms, but totally ignores them as well. The only thing she touches are wax worms. And they don't move much, so it isn't very exciting to wather her eat anymore. Ah well. She is still pretty cool. Though rather ignored at my house.