The Preslar Family

The Preslar Family
December 2017

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Forgotten Details

I realized that I had to make note of a couple Christmas details I forgot. They're not especially big details, but I wanted to remember them. The first, as my sister reminded me, is about Bitty on Christmas day as she went sledding. She did go down the hill a few times on the lap of a grown up, and once or twice they tumbled into the snow. She was so optimistic about it - she'd tumble, hop up, and exclaim in surprise, "I'm okay!" I guess she liked the way this sounded or the laughs she got from it because she started throwing herself in the snow and saying loudly, "I'm okay!" Just added to the charm.

My other favorite part of Christmas this year was watching Stomper think about giving as well as getting. Don't get me wrong, he stewed long and hard about the gifts he wanted to receive, and talked about it more than I needed to hear. And I think the presents had only been unwrapped for three hours when he asked when Christmas Eve was coming again. But I was charmed when he approached me a couple weeks earlier about giving gifts to his sister and father. What was really amazing was that he didn't immediately assume that they'd want a dinosaur. He decided that his daddy would like a new saw and that his sister would like a talking Dora doll. I was so pleased that he thought about it and actually recognized what they might like. He and I had a fun outing, including a stop at The Sconecutter for scones and hot chocolate, shopping for their gifts. And on Christmas morning there was a gift that Stomper had picked out for me with his dad. It was a set of two really great knives - they're made by Kitchen Aide, I think, and they're sharp little buggers. And it was all his idea. I was proud of him.

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