The Preslar Family

The Preslar Family
December 2017

Sunday, August 02, 2009

The Corker Corks On

So I mentioned in my happy list post that we like listening to CDs by Laurie Berkner - she's great. We just got a new one last week - Victor Vito - and we're really enjoying it. So the other night the whole family was driving along, listening to the tunes, when on comes this great song. The lyrics go:

I'm not perfect, no I'm not.
I'm not perfect, but I've got what I've got.
I'm not perfect, no I'm not.
I'm not perfect, and I hope you like me that way.

Cute song. It goes on for a while about "you're not perfect" and stuff, and then when the song ends, Troy and I hear this quiet but rather stubborn voice from the back seat.

"Well I AM perfect."

We looked at each other with wide eyes. I started to giggle. Then chuckle. Then I started to laugh so hard I almost couldn't drive. The fact that Bitty thinks she is perfect is the summation of our problems, I think. Do you know, one day last week I actually engaged in an argument with her about whether or not she could speak Korean. And she thinks she won the argument! I'm still wondering why I got into it with her. Because I'm an idiot, that's why. An idiot who can speak a little Korean, but an idiot none the less. And apparently my 3 year old daughter can speak better Korean than I can anyway so why bother?

On a more positive note, Bitty's summer ballet class wrapped up this week and we got to go to the parent observation class. Stomper was less than thrilled about it, but hey, Bitty goes to all his soccer games so I guess he can handle one ballet class. Bitty obviously loves ballet, and especially excels in the "sunburst arms" area. Skipping is not her strong suit. (We'll do some drills at home to catch up.) I think we're going to continue on in this or a similar class. My sister was a dancer when she was young and some of the pictures we have of Bitty remind me a lot of pictures I've seen of my sister. I used to love going up to Margaret's ballet studio. Mom signed me up for one ballet class but I believe I complained that it hurt my back too much and that was that. Anyway, I LOVE watching Bitty dance. It obviously thrills her to death.


Julie said...

Your Bitty just cracks me up. :)

Bella said...

bitty is too dang cute! well, of course of all the people in your family, bitty would pronouce to all that she is perfect! she is too funny!

Misty said...

How is it that our kids think they know more than us already? I thought that didn't happen until teenagerhood. Christian tried to tell me today that I was playing the piano wrong. Hello?! Who has been playing for 30 years, my son? Cause it sure ain't you!! I AM perfect is just classic. Laugh out loud classic. :)