The Preslar Family

The Preslar Family
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Sunday, August 23, 2009

My Mommy and Daddy

Thanks to skype, it didn't feel like it had been a million years since I had seen my parents, who left for a church assignment in Belgium last March. So when I saw them, it was a little odd - like, oh hi! I think I saw you yesterday, right?

Yes, I got to see my parents, and introduce them to Bundle long before I expected to. I'm so happy. They are home for a quick visit to meet their three new granddaughters, hug all their kids, and to do some medical testing for some issues going on. Nothing major or drastic, so no worries. They are headed back to Belgium in a couple of weeks and then we'll see what happens next. Mostly I'm just delighted that they got to meet my baby!

They came home on Tuesday night and I think all the SL kids (me, Margaret and Peter) were so wound up and anxious to see them we all kind of went berserk. And this berserk-ness manifested itself through the frantic compulsion to clean. We all spoke that day and found that we were all cleaning our houses like crazy. Major nervous energy, I guess. My folks didn't even see my house until this afternoon, and do you think it was still sparkling from its Tuesday afternoon scrubbing? No, of course it wasn't. What I loved was that by the time my parents' plane had landed I had reminded myself that I probably wouldn't even see them that day because they had to be so jet lagged, they were getting picked up by friends in order to have their own vehicle while in SLC (they gave all of theirs away before they left!), and it was late in the day. I decided to do something with my nerves and put the kids in the car and head to Bountiful to visit The Misty. Just as I was headed almost out of town my phone rang. Yay! My parents! At first, Dad said, "We love you and we'll see you tomorrow," but then Mom got on the phone and said, "Stop! Where are you? I need to meet my grandbaby!" So we had an impromptu reunion in front of the Delta Center and it was lovely. Here's the picture I took with my phone:

I felt so happy. Then we all got together at Peter and Sheri's/My parent's place for a tomato and Belgian bread dinner the next night. Then they flew off to CA the next morning to see Adam and Whit and their new baby girl. Man, they have done a lot of baby holding the past few days! But this afternoon when they dropped by under the suspicious guise of seeing us (really they were after our freshly ripened brandywine tomatoes,) they acted like they would never get sick of holding Bundle and playing with Bitty and Stomper. Like they like us or something! Here are some pix from the reunion dinner last Wednesday:

By the way, I didn't ever post a good picture of the third granddaughter. Here she is! I can't wait to meet her.


ghd3 said...

your parents look great -- hope your mom is doing well. So fun that you get to see them for a little bit. Your kids are adorable, and I'm sure they're glad they get to meet them all before heading back. :) Say hello for me.

Bella said...

ok...your parents are adorable! so incredibly glad you got to spend some time with them and that they got to meet bundle!!!!!!

Jodi said...

How nice to have your parents in town for a little time. It is always a sweet reunion after such a long time apart. How could they tire of your kids, they are all so darling!