The Preslar Family

The Preslar Family
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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Dinner Up Millcreek

My sister-in-law Kathleen and I talked about getting together for dinner a few times over the summer, and even scheduled it once but had to change it. Last Monday, we finally thought we could pull it off. It was at the end of a pretty hectic day (which seemed to be the prevailing theme all week long) and I almost called to change it. But I knew that with only a week left until school it would be too hard to make it happen. I'm so glad we did it! We just threw some stuff together and met at a campground up Millcreek Canyon. What a lovely place! We ate hot dogs - Kathleen even brought grown up hot dogs for the taller folk; chicken brats with spinach and feta, or something along those lines. We did the customary s'mores too. Basically, we just tried to make the children get as sticky and filthy as possible. We did a pretty good job of it, too!


Bella said...

millcreek is such a great canyon for a cookout! looks like it was a winner!

Windybrook Spinner said...

I love that cute sweater Bundle is wearing. =) Good job just going and doing it even though it had been a long day. It seems like the best memories are made when we just jump in and do something special.

Keersten said...

I love Stomper's concentrated roasting. Super cute!

Kath said...

I'm so glad we ended up going. We had a great time getting filthy and sticky (especially Lucy). Next year maybe we can attempt an overnighter?

ghd3 said...

looks like fun! nothing like heading up the canyon for cooking/marshmallows.