The Preslar Family

The Preslar Family
December 2017

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Le Budding Artiste

So I'm kind of winding down now after one of those evenings where, as the kids and I were getting home from an outing, Bitty began a sentence as we walked in the door and didn't finish it until she was asleep: .........and .............and ..............and .................. Oh my. She had a lot to say this evening. At least she and Stomper weren't fighting for a change. Anyone have any advice on that front?

So the other day Bitty was asking us to provide her "hat that makes her look like an artist." I couldn't figure it out, until she found it herself and showed us:

Yes, that's a potty seat on her head. I see where she's coming from, though. This happened not long after she did that amazing thing she does where I take one step into the kitchen to quickly prepare a little food for the hungry masses and she's instantly by my side asking, "Can I help?" For the record, I never turn her down, no matter how much I sometimes want to. I mean, I want to only because her helpfulness adds at least 20 minutes to the prep time, you know? But I can't deny her. I just have too strong a belief in kids helping in the kitchen, no matter how big a pain it can be. Besides, you'll find that Bitty is rather hard to turn down. She just won't have it. Anyway, she pops in during a super busy morning, steps in front of me so I trip, then grabs a chair to stand on and shoves it into my bare toes. I holler in pain but try to keep things moving anyway, just as she climbs down to kiss my foot where she hurt it and I trip again. She smiles up at me from the floor and says, "See Mom? I was thinking of your feelings!" How can she be so sweet and wonderful and I'm so exhausted all at the same time? Hard to tell.


Carrie said...

You are so good, I always tell my kids "no" in the kitchen. Probably because I am a procratinator and i start dinner 20 minutes before the time I should have it done. I have no time for helpers-sad i know.

as far as fighting. Cache came up with an idea. Whenever our two fight we put them in the bathroom, to work it out themselves. They can't come out until they are being nice to each other. We chose the bathroom because their are no toys to play with. sometime I worry that Asher will get in the water though.

Julie said...

love, love, love the hat. That girl is one in a million - in every way!

ghd3 said...

that is a great shot. I've got a beret lying around here somewhere I'm sure....