The Preslar Family

The Preslar Family
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Saturday, August 22, 2009

End of Summer Cram

Wait, wait....I think I might actually be sitting down. It's hard to tell. It's been so long since that last happened that I'm not actually sure. What a week. WHAT A WEEK.

Well, I can't believe it's here. Summer's end. Already! I'm so weird. Every summer I kind of just bear the heat, I look forward to fall, I want school to start, and then when summer finally winds down I feel bad like I missed out on something. Really, we've had a great summer. I mean, seriously folks, I had a kid right at the end of school and we still did a ton this summer. Maybe no big fabulous trips, but we were out of the house and with friends all summer. And I've REALLY looked forward to school, especially with how much the kids have been fighting. And now I'm all sad because it's over. Weird.

These last couple of weeks have been completely insane. That's partly because I have tendinitis in my right hand and I've been in physical therapy three times a week. But we've also had birthday lunches, Bitty turned 4, Troy's brother got married, we're stuffing in as many play dates as we can manage - the list goes on. I have lots of stories to tell so get ready for a slew of posts over the next few days.

I think I'll start with this evening. My wonderful husband let me go on a date with Bundle. Today was a very long and hot day, but my sister was playing her cello in the Bonneville Glen this evening and I really wanted to go hear her. So he hung out with the big kids while Bundle and I went to the concert. It was wonderful. Cellos, guitars, banjo, drum, Irish jigs and happy people everywhere enjoying a lovely last-of-summer evening. Fabulous! And I got to just enjoy the music and my baby girl. I feel refreshed, and my husband is completely wiped out. I definitely owe him one.

Okay. Ready, Set....Go!

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Bella said...

would your physical therapist want to know you are typing all of this with your current tendinitis? or are you only using your left hand? :)