The Preslar Family

The Preslar Family
December 2017

Friday, September 07, 2007


Last night was scrapbooking night at my house. I had a couple of friends come over to try to get some pages done. The kids were actually pretty cooperative, but when bedtime came Troy was wonderful and took them both back to CTP's room to read. He came out, alone, only a half an hour later. I swear he is so much better at putting the kids to bed than I am. RAP fell asleep with C in his bed as Troy was reading to them - isn't that cute? And she had a two-hour nap yesterday. A nap and she was asleep by 10:00? A miracle, I tell you!

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ghd3 said...

I post in torrents? ;)

Great pictures -- and the football night-out sounds like a lot of fun. You all should try out for the team.

Like you, I'm sure, when I get a few minutes to post, I just try to get it all up there. I'll often jot down some thoughts and things during the week, but then only get the chance to post them all so I do 3 at a time (for example).

We also loved the pic of CP in the mud and RP jumping off the laundry basket! Cute kids, as you well know.