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The Preslar Family
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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Holy Wednesday, Batman!

What didn't we do yesterday? Hard to say, seeing as how I felt like we did it all. What a fun day. The weather couldn't be better - it's so fresh and cool outside, still warm enough for short sleeves, I just love it. I was having a quiet morning when my friend Misty called to let me know that the pre-circus elephant parade was happening down town. I guess every year when the circus comes they do a little parade on the first day. I have zero plans to take kids to the circus this year, perhaps some other year. But it was really fun to head down to the gateway and sit on the curb surrounded by many excited kids and watch the elephants go by. You're not going to believe this, but I actually took CTP to school one hour late so he wouldn't miss it. I know, it was only a five minute parade, but it's a little sad when your baby gets big enough to start missing all the kinds of things you used to take him to. I even offered to let him take the day off because he's been reluctant to go lately, but he really didn't want to miss school altogether, so after the parade we hustled to drop him off. I'm glad he likes school.

After school I ha told the kids that we'd go to the canyons to see the leaves. The hills are all speckled in red and gold already and I know if we don't get up there soon we'll miss it. I feel like I haven't celebrated fall until we've been out among the leaves. Despite my desire to commune with nature I didn't want it to take too long, meaning I didn't want to drive all the way to the top of Big Cottonwood Canyon or something. I thought we'd go to Emigration Canyon to a small area called Killian's Canyon (no idea how to spell that, by the way) where there's a trail and a stream and stuff. Of course, it was closed due to construction. As long as we were headed up Emigration already, we just went over the top and went to Little Dell reservoir. Well, I didn't realize there would be a fee station, and I only had a card with me, so we almost got turned away. But the really nice guard knew we would only be there a short time and so he let us through. It wasn't a great spot either - no trees covered in beautiful leaves or trails to wander on. We just walked down towards the water as close as we could (I took one step closer than that and ended up ankle-deep in mud) so we could throw rocks. You may be aware that rock throwing is among the most popular pastimes of all children. At my house, anyway. We threw rocks for a long time. But, I still wanted leaves. I thought, "Ah ha! Millcreek Canyon is not far away!" We were already there before I remembered that they too have a fee-station. Next time I just need to stash a check-book in the car, don't you think? By this time I was defeated, and we just headed to the oft-requested "Sunnyside-Up Park" for a romp on the swings and slides, and of course a few minutes ruining our clothing in the pine-tree cave.

To finish off my evening, I walked up to the Football Facility for night two of the women's football clinic. I'm really enjoying it so much. We did a little less touring around the facility this time and got more information from coaches. We heard from the head of the Athletic Trainers and then we listened to both the Offensive and Defensive Coordinators. Quite an honor, really. Not to mention a lesson in penalties from Coach Whittingham himself. It felt pretty similar to getting sprayed down with a fire hose. So much information, so fast, every moment realizing more and more how much there is to know about football, and how little of it I understand. Sounds depressing, but really it was a blast. I am slowly understanding a little more about the complexities of the game but mostly I just feel like I need to buy a book that slowly spells it all out for me. And eventually I would like to be able to watch a play and know where the ball is. That's still my biggest difficulty! It's fun caring, though. As we were leaving we caught Coach Whit in the stairwell. Poor man - these guys just do not get a break during the season and he looked so darn tired. But he was gracious and friendly and was perfectly happy to have his picture taken with us. When Troy saw the picture he laughed and said it was a good thing that I didn't do this with Urban Meyer because I would have blushed like crazy. It's true. I totally had a crush on Coach Meyer. I took it very personally when he left me. I mean when he left. Anyway, I reassured Troy that I'm developing a new crush on Coach Whit. Troy thinks it's cute when I get crushes on these guys.

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ghd3 said...

what fun! We loved seeing the leaves up Big Cottonwood when we were there. Autumn in Utah is beautiful. Glad you had fun at the reservoir. Rock throwing is big in our neck of the woods as well. I think the elephant parade sounds really cool -- good for you! And way to go pulling C out of school for an hour so he could see it. Sounds like you're having a full week!