The Preslar Family

The Preslar Family
December 2017

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Random Gratitude

Things I am grateful for today:

1) A windy Friday.
Troy is working so hard getting our stairs up (yay!) and framing in the closet. This means that our washer and dryer are on the back porch for a few weeks. This is not that big of a deal - I just hook the hose up to the washer, set the drain in a bucket and I can wash our clothes. We have a clothesline in the back yard to dry stuff and it works great. A lot better than heading off to the Laundromat with kids in tow. The weather is getting colder so the clothes are taking a lot longer to dry, but with the wind yesterday, everything dried in a snap. And just think of how environmental we are! I feel very in touch with Laura Ingalls right now.

2) A rainy Saturday.
Continuing on the construction theme, today is the perfect day for a fire. We have the greatest little wood-burning stove, and Troy is providing ample firewood for us today what with all his chop-sawing. Very cozy, wish you were here. Also, our lawn is finally looking green again - very refreshing after the long hot summer.

3) The "Out-of-Season" clothing box.
I love pulling out that box every change of seasons. It's like going shopping or something, finding all the piles of things I so happily put away last spring. I'm not quite ready to let go of the capris, but I did enjoy building up a nice thick stack of my favorite sweaters on my shelf. Also in years past I have lived off of two or three pairs of jeans but thanks to getting thinner (just a little) and making several great garage sale finds I have 8 pairs of jeans I love. I know, this is not actually information you need to know, but I have to share my joy. 8 pair! I'm in heaven. And it's what I'm grateful for today.

4) Used kids clothes.
I'm grateful that as I sorted through all the kids' clothes, putting away the too-small things and opening up boxes of the "waiting to grow into it" clothes I found so many great things handed down from friends and found at Kid-to-Kid. I need almost nothing for my kids for the winter. It's always fun to shop, but sometimes as the seasons change it feels pretty daunting to have to re-wardrobe both kids completely.

5) Good friends.
This morning there was a knock at the door. Part of my gratitude was for the fact that I had just barely showered and dressed because it was pretty late in the morning. I did not have to be witnessed in my jammies at 10 a.m. At the door was a good friend of mine who moved to Bountiful. She has two kids, a son and daughter, each just a few months older than my son and daughter, and we love them dearly. We're sad that they moved away, and with school starting we haven't been in touch for a while. She was so cute - she thought that today was CTP's birthday - so close! She was only off by a month. But what a pleasure to see mom and son standing on our front porch with a bunch of ballons for C, one for R too, and a bag of daffodil bulbs and a nice card for me. What sweet friends. Here is what was on the card she gave me, "Woman Reclining on a Bench" by Carl Larsson. I love it.

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