The Preslar Family

The Preslar Family
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Friday, September 07, 2007

Utah Football for Chicks

The other night when we were having dinner with the Mayfields, Misty told me that she was going to participate in a Utah football women's clinic - for three nights during Sept. and Oct. you go up to the football center and have fun, learn more about football and hang out with your girl friends. I think the point is kind of to get football wives more involved in the game, and enable us to understand it a little better so that we can enjoy it along with our husbands. There are some fun opportunities to see parts of the facility that aren't open to the public and get a good inside look at what goes on there. Troy was so excited when he heard about it - it was the most enthusiastic he's ever been about a girls' night out. I think his second emotion was pure jealousy, but I tried to enjoy it enough for the both of us. On Wednesday evening Misty and two other women, Tami and Megan, picked me up and we went. I really had a great time. We saw some football films and toured the facility, and got to have Coach Whittingham himself teach us a little more about the game. I don't quite get it all yet, but I'm working on it. Whenever we're watching football, Troy looks at the field and sees everyone in their own position doing their own job, and I see a big bunch of guys smashing into each other. I think my goal is to just become less baffled.

A great moment of the evening - hanging out in the locker room. Kinda stinky, I have to admit. But it was fun to see the gear and all the decor that encourages the team. Here's Misty getting excited about quarterback Brian Johnson's stool. Hey, who wouldn't be excited? My most embarassing moment of the evening came while we were in the weight room, where Coach Whit was finishing up his workout, and Tami wanted to take our picture. She told us to pose with the big heavy chains hanging on one of the racks, and I thought they were attached. I picked the thing up (it was so dang heavy!) and leaned on it, and of course it was not attached. It came crashing down, everyone stopped to look at me, including Coach, and I turned bright red, and then Tami snapped the photo. I will not be including that picture in this entry, by the way.

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steph said...

How fun! (Except for the chain part!)