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The Preslar Family
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Thursday, September 06, 2007


Okay, I'm totally behind. I have not been in the mood to blog this week - but there have been so many things I want to remember, so I've got to get them down. I thought I'd mention my favorites from the past week.

Thing 1: favorite CTP moments

CTP has done and said some funny things this week. Troy's favorite was overhearing him playing and saying, "Attention all herbivores! Attention all herbivores!" No idea on the context of that one, but it was pretty funny. My favorite was at the park yesterday - C was swinging and R was climbing a 12-foot ladder to a slide and I was running back and forth between the two of them - a common park dilemma, by the way - and I was explaining to C that I couldn't push him all the time because R needed help too. He said, "Mom, you to do it all." "You want me to do it all, huh?" "Yeah." "I'm trying, honey, I'm trying!" That made the mom next to me laugh. "Aren't you supermom already?" she asked. Also, C has gotten into telling jokes to his friends. "Why did the dinosaur stand on the tiny rock? Because he wanted to get rolling! Get it? Get rolling! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!" This joke actually makes some sense, but it's the only one that did. The rest were a bit random, but he sure thought they were funny. And I loved his addition of "get it?"

Thing 2: favorite RAP moments

I couldn't ever get her to say the whole poem on video, but I sure enjoyed R playing "Humpty Dumpty" while leaping off the laundry basket. I also enjoyed and agreed with her declaration this morning, "I'm NOT a good girl, I'm a BAD girl!" I laughed about it until it became a little too true, and now she's sleeping.

Thing 3: Brighton Girl's Camp 10-year reunion

On Friday night the staff of our girls camp from 10 whole years ago got together for a party. Okay, it was actually a little weird at first because so many of us hadn't seen each other for such a long time, and we're all doing such different things. But then we got eating and chatting and of course singing (we did meet at a summer camp, after all) and it was great. I was so impressed that we got almost half of our staff there. It was a really great summer, and I adored the people there, especially my marvelous assistant director, Echo. AD was her title, but let's face it, she was way more capable than I. I wish I had a picture to post but they all turned out horribly.

Thing 4: the weather!

I think I made some dopey comment a couple of weeks ago (still in the middle of August, mind you) that I thought that our high summer heat was gone for the year. Duh. Of course it wasn't - it got up to 98 or something like that on Monday. But then a cold-front came through and we had two days of pouring rain - my friend Becky was so funny. She said, "Huh. I wonder what this strange moisture is, coming from the sky?" It has been such a dry dry summer here, we forgot what rain was like! The past few days have been around the 80 degree mark (ahhhh.....) and though I'm sure we'll get up again, I really do think this time that our upper 90's days are gone for the year. I have a desire to pull out the sweaters and start baking pies already, but I need to just settle down and enjoy wearing shorts without sweating to death for a couple of weeks. Here's C with our neighbor friends enduring the heat last weekend in a makeshift tent. They always want to build forts in the living room, but our couches are starting to show the strain a little.

Thing 5: favorite outing

I have tried to cut my kids' hair by myself ever since C was a baby. Once I gave in and took him someplace, and they did a horrible job, but it was still better than what I do. I think C has only one scar on the back of his ear from a very early attempt, so that's good, right? C's hair fianlly reached the "unpleasant" level this week, and I caved and took the kids to Cookie Cutters - a hair shop specifically for kids. Okay, it's a little pricey, but it was fun! And we even managed to get a cut for R too, though it was tricky. It took the stylist and myself to keep her distracted enough to not freak out. I loved the fun carnival-ride type chairs and the bubbles at every station. They also had DVD players at each station as well, but it didn't really help R and C could have done without it, but they had a good time. There was also a slide, video games, and a balloon for everyone. Not where I'll take the kids once a month, by any means, but I can see a mid-winter outing for haircuts.

Thing 6: favorite dinner

On Sunday afternoon we packed up the car and made the trek to Bountiful for dinner with our friends, the Mayfields, each of whom we adore. I grilled pizzas on the back porch to enjoy with salad and fruit, followed by ice cream and berries. Terrific. I have all these great memories as a child of our family going to another family's house for dinner and an evening of play. All the kids would disappear and play and play and play - I never thought about the evening being about the adults in any way. But as it turns out, they probably wanted to get together for themselves, not us at all! Weird, huh. The best part of the evening was Mike, the leader of the Mayfield clan, describing in detail his vision for the opening scene of the movie we're all hoping for: Twilight! It was very dramatic. He thought it out well and acted it out - complete with soundtrack and sound effects. I was entranced. He should definitely write it up and send it to Stephenie Meyer.


Carrie said...

Thanks for the catch-up, I enjoy reading your posts. I think Echo was my camp counselor at brighton. Funny. I also heard through the grapevine (not sure about it's truth) That Stephanie Meyer sold her Twilight rights to MTV, and they will be producing the movie and since she gave them full rights, she will have no say in what they portray. I can almost guarantee an "R" rated version of our favorite wholesome story. Unfortunate :( Thanks for posting, see you monday!

ghd3 said...

ah Brighton Camp, I remember that summer well.... Lots of fun! Glad you did a reunion.

We also just did a haircut for #1, though I don't think it turned out as well as Mom had hoped (the place, not the haircut).

We jealous of these Mayfield folks.... :) (having dinner with you and all)

steph said...

From you video, I think you have a future gymnast in the family!