The Preslar Family

The Preslar Family
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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Farewell to the Greens

We've been good friends with Tyler and Marjorie Green for a long time. They lived in our neighborhood for a few years and then Marjorie and I miraculously stayed in touch after they moved to Riverton a couple of years ago. She is the friend with whom I went to Washington D.C. I was so proud of us for staying so well in touch because she moved so far away, and I think we're better friends now than when she first moved. I love her! They are leaving this very day to drive back to D.C. where they are moving. I'm so sad. It's always hard to say goodbye to friends, though I have faith that we'll still grow our friendship. On Monday we had a small gathering at the park to have lunch and say goodbye. My friends Eliza and Carrie also came, two other dear friends who have moved away from our neighborhood. It was a fun little reunion. I get such a neat chance to meet so many wonderful people who move into our neighborhood, and it's always hard when they all move away.

Here's a great photo - the four friends who were together at the park on Monday were all expecting babies at the same time in May of 2005, and we had our picture taken together. I don't have a digital copy of it, but I'll try to track down the negative at some point and post it. Yesterday we took a picture of the four of us with our four babies. Someday it will be fun to frame the two pictures side by side.

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Windybrook Spinner said...

Good friends are so precious. I sure miss friends I've adopted and then had to move away from them, yet you can only keep in touch with so many people. Fortunately, God often sends them your way off and on. I remember especially well seeing a dear friend at Costco one day. She lived in Kamas at the time, but was in Salt Lake for a bit. What are the chances? I think I cried. Somehow I think moving away helps you hang on a little tighter to the ones you are closest to because you actually take time to talk to them instead of just a casual hello at church or whatever.